When should I use ECT’s fully managed OpAssist conferencing service?

OpAssist is a professional approach to your conferencing needs. Our dedicated Operators personally contact and greet each of your participants and connect them to your meeting. We take responsibility for the attendance and timely start of your meeting. An operator is always on hand watching to call back anyone that may unintentionally drop out and/or anyone arriving late to the meeting.

How do I schedule an OpAssist call?

To schedule an ECT OpAssist call:

  1. Download an OpAssist Booking form online
  2. This will take you to our Online Booking Form. Please fill in all the necessary details and click submit.
  3. Another option is to call our Reservations Team on 1800 80 84 80 and have a copy of the form emailed out to you.
  4. Once we have received the form our Reservations Team will complete your booking and send you an email containing your OpAssist confirmation.
  5. Next step, notify participants of the date and time of your call and ask them to be waiting by their phones 5 minutes before start time.
  6. Our Operators will then call your participants one by one and place them on hold a few minutes before the meeting is to begin.

What size conference does OpAssist support?

OpAssist supports conferences ranging from two to 100 participants. If your conference requires numbers larger than 100 participants please contact our Reservations Team on 1800 80 84 80 to discuss your needs.

Can I request an operator to assist me during my call?

At any time during your call, you can request an operator simply by pressing *0 on your phone keypad.

What features are available with OpAssist?

  • Q&A
  • Polling
  • Transcription
  • Recording (editing services are also available)
  • Direct dial-In option for late comers
  • Personal greetings
  • High level security, we will only connect those who have been requested
  • Opening script/Introduction
  • Roll Calls
  • Participant reports
  • *0 for operator assistance
  • Participant call backs
  • Audio quality assistance

When should I use GlobalMeet Audio teleconferencing?

You can use GlobalMeet Audio conferencing any time you are hosting smaller meetings that do not require a reservation or an operator to manage the conference for you.

How do I schedule a GlobalMeet Audio teleconference?

There are two types of GlobalMeet Audio calls available.

Option 1: On-demand GlobalMeet Audio conferencing.

  1. Head to our Online Booking form and submit your request for GlobalMeet Audio On-demand.
  2. Once your On-demand conference is booked by our Reservations Team you can use this service 24/7 without having to contact us.
  3. Just inform your participants of the date, time and dial-in information to start a meeting.

Option 2: Reserved GlobalMeet Audio conferencing.

This conference call is a one off conference and needs to be booked each time you require a meeting. We recommend these types of conferences to enhance security and privacy as the PINs are only available for the time you request.

  1. Head to our Online Booking form and submit a request for GlobalMeet Audio Reserved.
  2. You will receive your conference details via email within two hours of submitting your booking.
  3. Just inform your participants of the date, time and dial-in information to start a meeting.

How do I start a GlobalMeet Audio teleconference?

To start a call:

  1. At the specified time, dial your GlobalMeet Audio conference dial-in number.
  2. Enter your PIN followed by #.
  3. Follow all the prompts to enter the meeting.
  4. Start your meeting.

What are my audio teleconference controls?

Once dialed into your conference, simply use your telephone keypad to access these commands:

  • *0ECT Conference Support
  • *1Help Menu
  • *31MODERATOR ONLY – Turn on/off security code settings
  • *91MODERATOR ONLY – Hear number of attendees
  • *92MODERATOR ONLY – Hear names of attendees
  • *93MODERATOR ONLY –Disconnect all lines
  • *94MODERATOR ONLY –Lock and unlock meeting
  • *22MODERATOR ONLY - Record your meeting
  • *96MODERATOR ONLY - Mute all attendee lines
  • *97MODERATOR ONLY – Un-mute all attendees lines
  • *4MODERATOR ONLY – Raise the volume of attendee lines
  • *7MODERATOR ONLY – Lower the volume of attendee lines
  • *5Raise your own volume
  • *8Lower your own volume
  • *6Mute or un mute your line
  • *21MODERATOR ONLY - Start a sub-meeting
  • #19Join a sub-meeting
  • ##Return to the main meeting
  • #0MODERATOR ONLY – Return all attendees to the main meeting

How many participants can I have on a GlobalMeet Audio teleconference?

You can have up to 75 participants. If you need more, please call us on 1800 80 84 80.

What happens when either I or a participant enters the wrong GlobalMeet Audio conference PIN when joining a conference call?

After entering the incorrect conference PIN three times, you will be disconnected. Please confirm your conference PIN and try to join your conference again.

What features are available with GlobalMeet Audio?

GlobalMeet Audio offers a variety of features to enhance your conference call including:

  • Recording
  • In conference playback
  • Toll-free dial-in for international participants
  • *0 to reach an operator
  • Optional roll calls and/or music on hold
  • Moderator Only Features
  • Separate Moderator PIN for enhanced security

How do I access or change my GlobalMeet Audio conference PIN and dial in numbers?

If you need to change your GlobalMeet Audio conference PIN, call our Reservation Team on 1800 80 84 80 or email reservations@ect.com.au

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